SAKI is enhancing the criminal justice response to sexual assault and ensuring justice for victims.

As of October 2016

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Why This Matters

SAKI is enhancing the criminal justice response to sexual assault and ensuring justice for victims. SAKI funding will not only help link victims to advocates and needed services, but also help jurisdictions implement best practices and comprehensive reform to help bring perpetrators to justice and increase safety in communities by preventing future sexual assaults.

Statewide Rape Kit Reform

Watch the latest SAKI video to learn how SAKI states are leading efforts to implement comprehensive testing and reform efforts. Read more about the states and communities funded under SAKI.



The SAKI Training and Technical Assistance program is hosting a webinar series to provide guidance on issues related to unsubmitted sexual assault kits. Topics will include the inventory of SAKs, the neurobiology of trauma, victim notification, investigation, evidence tracking, and prosecution.

Practitioner Resources

Practitioners and stakeholders can use this web site to access relevant research, policies, protocols, and evidence-based practices for multidisciplinary teams, law enforcement, victim advocates, prosecutors, SANEs, and crime laboratories.

Regional Trainings

Register for upcoming regional trainings hosted by the SAKI. View videos and content from past trainings held for practitioners and stakeholders.

For Survivors

SAKI is committed to helping survivors of sexual assault. If you or someone you know needs help, support is available through the resources provided by our partners.

SAKI News and Events

Montana will standardize collection, testing of sexual assault kits
Holly K Michels, Billings Gazette, Apr 3, 2017
The Montana Department of Justice is developing a tracking system for the estimated 1,400 untested rape kits that have been stored in evidence rooms around the state. The state plans to enter all rape kits into the system and continue to add them going forward. The state will evaluate why testing of these kits did not occur in the first place. The department is also hiring a victim advocate to begin outreach efforts to those who have untested kits. Read the full story to learn about Montana's testing and training plans.

Update on untested rape kits in Nevada
Ben Margiott, MyNews4, Mar 28, 2017
The Nevada Attorney General's Office provided an update on testing progress across the state. As of March 2017, around one third of untested kits in the state have been sent for testing. The office set December 2018 as the target date to complete testing in Southern Nevada. Read the story to get the full update.

Kansas Completes Rape Kit Inventory - Interview
Cecelia Jenkins, 6 News Lawrence, Apr 6, 2017
The Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI) completed a statewide inventory of untested sexual assault kits, identifying over 2,000 kits. With current funding, the KBI estimates at least 2 years to complete testing. Follow the link for an interview with KBI executive officer Katie Whisman, who leads the SAKI effort in Kansas.

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