SAKI is enhancing the criminal justice response to sexual assault and ensuring justice for victims.

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The 4th Annual National Sexual Assault Kit Initiative Grantees Meeting

The 4th Annual National SAKI Grantees Meeting will take place on June 6-7th, 2019 in Arlington, VA. SAKI sites may register to attend through May 13th, 2019. Non-SAKI agencies may apply to send up to two attendees.

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Maryland General Assembly passes legislation to require testing of most rape kits, add transparency
Scott Dance, The Baltimore Sun, Apr 5, 2019
Maryland senate passes a test all bill for sexual assault kits that includes a measure stating that all sexual assault kits must be submitted for testing within 30 days.

City leaders, advocates shine light on sexual assault
Crystal Moyer, News 4 JAX, Apr 3, 2019
City leaders and victim advocates joined forces Wednesday morning at Jacksonville's City Hall to encourage victims of sexual assault to come forward and show their support during SAAM.

Georgia House approves longer storage of rape kits
Associated Press, WGXA, Apr 2, 2019
The Georgia Senate unanimously approved a bill that requires evidence from a sexual assault kit be preserved for 30 years after the arrest date, 7 years from the completion of the prison sentence, or 50 years if no arrest is made.

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Why This Matters

SAKI is enhancing the criminal justice response to sexual assault and ensuring justice for victims. SAKI funding will not only help link victims to advocates and needed services, but also help jurisdictions implement best practices and comprehensive reform to help bring perpetrators to justice and increase safety in communities by preventing future sexual assaults.


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Sign up for upcoming webinars or watch webinars from the SAKI archive. Presentations feature practitioners and experts with years of experience in current and cold case sexual assault. The webinars cover investigations, forensic testing, prosecution strategies, victim notification, the neurobiology of trauma, offender research, and more

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Virtual Academy

Choose from five E-Learning Curricula that provide guidance on issues related to unsubmitted sexual assault kits. The courses walk learners through the importance of SAK testing, the effects of trauma, creating a testing plan, victim notification, cold case investigation and prosecution. Individual modules allow learners to complete trainings at their own pace.

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SAKI Toolkit

Explore hands-on resources tailored for practitioners working to improve their community's response to sexual assault. The SAKI Toolkit contains topics centered around skill development and covers the key categories of sexual assault response. Explore resources, save tools to a customizable Briefcase, or create resource sets to share with others.

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For Survivors

SAKI is committed to helping survivors of sexual assault. If you or someone you know needs help, support is available through the resources provided by our partners.

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