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SAKI Partners with the FBI Violent Criminal Apprehension Program (ViCAP)
SAKI TTA, Dec 4, 2017
The BJA SAKI team has partnered with ViCAP in an effort to increase use of the database and the sharing of crime intelligence information from SAKI-related cases across jurisdictions and the country. ViCAP staff are available to assist sites in gaining entry into the system; provide training on optimal use of the database; and conduct crime analysis on specific offenders/cases upon request. ViCAP has a designated SAKI analyst to directly assist our sites. Contact for more information.

USF Advanced Training For Cold Case Sex Assault
Florida Institute of Forensic Anthropology & Applied Science, Dec 4, 2017
Attention Detectives, Campus Police, CSI Personnel, ME Investigators, and Prosecutors! This upcoming course is designed to provide attendees with the best practices and standards for developing cold case investigative strategies, including case management, cold case review, crime scene interpretation, case linkage, forensic evidence, CODIS hit follow up, interviewing strategies, proper case closure, and court preparation/prosecution. Attendees will participate in a cold case review/table top activity to practically apply the knowledge gained throughout the sessions. The training will also provide critical information on victim impact in and how to develop strategies to provide support for survivors.

Serial rape suspect gets 40 years in prison after backlogged rape kits tested
Tasha Tsiaperas, Dallas News, Sep 1, 2017
A Dallas man has been sentenced to 40 years in prison for the rape of a woman over a decade ago. He has also been previously accused and convicted in at least 4 other rapes. To learn more about the positive work Dallas is doing to put these criminals behind bars, read the full article.

$4M funding to help clear Nevada backlog in rape kit testing
Colton Lochhead, Las Vegas Review-Journal, Aug 24, 2017
Thanks to an additional $4.35 million funding injection, Nevada will be better able to address its backlog of untested sexual assault kits. The funding, along with funding from the Sexual Assault Kit Initiative, will help Nevada submit and test the remaining kits, as well as assist investigation and prosecution on the DNA hits coming back from those cases. To learn more, read the full article.

PSA Reminds Sexual Assault Survivors They are not Alone
Big Island Now Staff, Big Island, Aug 13, 2017
A new Public Service Announcement (PSA) video under Project Malama Kakou aims to reach sexual assault survivors who may feel isolated, sharing caring and victim-centered support and information services. The PSA is located at To learn more, visit the link and read the full article.

Dallas Man jailed on new rape charge after statute of limitations expired on old case
Tasha Tsiaperas, Dallas News, Aug 10, 2017
Lee Marvin Banks has been arrested for a more recent rape, and has exonerated an innocent man who spent 12 years in jail for a rape he did not commit.

Man Indicted After Sexual Assault Kit Testing Links Him To A Series of Kidnappings & Sexual Assaults
Kim Wheeler, Local, Aug 9, 2017
A man has been caught and indicted on sexual assault, kidnapping, and brandishing a firearm by the Memphis Police Department. Thanks to the Memphis Police Department’s Sex Crimes Bureau and DNA Cold Case unit, Michael Love will be brought to justice.

Follow-up file: State officials say 95 untested sexual assault kits sent for testing
Tara Becker, Quad-City Times, Aug 6, 2017
The Iowa Attorney General’s Office is pleased to announce that it has begun submitting it’s more than 4,200 unsubmitted backlogged rape kits to the laboratory. To learn more, read the full article.

Rape kit testing yields results in old cases
Amy Frazier, KOIN 6, Jul 27, 2017
Fifteen months after Multnomah, Lane, and Marion counties started submitted their backlogged rape kits for testing, almost all have been submitted and a number of DNA hits have been made. The testing has led to multiple indictments as well. To learn more, ready the full article.

3,600 backlogged rape kits tested in Florida
Angela Jacobs, WFTV9 ABC, Jul 25, 2017
3,600 backlogged sexual assault kits have now been tested by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, thanks to funding by the District Attorney of New York. Of these, there were nearly 850 hits in the federal DNA database.

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