Enhancing Conviction Integrity through Forensics


Just Best Practices in Maintaining Conviction Integrity

In episode four of our Enhancing Conviction Integrity through Forensics mini-season, Just Science sat down with Patti Powers and John Wilkinson, two Attorney Advisors with AEquitas, to discuss the application of best practices in maintaining the integrity of a conviction. Attorneys hold the responsibility of seeking justice for victims and their families and, therefore, must treat each case with an incredible level of care and discipline. The critical role of attorneys to drive a case forward reflects deeply on the need for maintaining victim care while holding offenders accountable. Listen along as Patti Powers and John Wilkinson dive deep into the ways practitioners can seek training opportunities, rethink positive case outcomes, and implement key strategies and policies to enhance their response to violent crimes.

Just Science ยท Just Best Practices In Maintaining Conviction Integrity