Sexual Assault Kit Initiative (SAKI) GranteeJefferson County District Attorney's Office (Alabama)

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SAKI awarded the Jefferson County District Attorney's Office a grant to inventory, track, and test previously unsubmitted SAKs. The office will also use the funds to create and implement protocols and policies to improve coordination and collaboration among various stakeholders involved in sexual assault investigations, prosecutions, and survivor support.

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Accused serial rapist indicted for 5 New Orleans kidnappings, rapes
Robert Sherman, CBS 42, Mar 26, 2019
Jefferson County, Alabama is working to test the previously unsubmitted sexual assault kits in their possession.

Victims coping with massive sex crime kit backlog
Jon Paepcke, WVTM 13, Oct 16, 2018
Jefferson County's Crisis Center is assisting survivors of sexual assault by connecting them to the District Attorney and other community resources to learn more about why their sexual assault kits are still unsubmitted to evidence.

Jefferson County seeking investigator to clear sexual assault backlog
Jon Paepcke, WVTM 13, Oct 9, 2018
Jefferson County prosecutors want to hire an investigator to clear nearly 4,000 unsolved sexual assault cases and are using their SAKI funding to do so. Jefferson County's hope is that this special sex crimes investigator can investigate cases that are the result of processing previously unsubmitted sexual assault kits.

More than 3,800 untested rape kits in Jefferson County
Bree Sison, WBRC Fox 6 News, Apr 25, 2018
Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office completed an inventory of 27 jurisdictions and found 3,876 previously unsubmitted sexual assault kits. With BJA SAKI funding, Jefferson County will test the unsubmitted SAKs and establish a SAK tracking system that will be accessible to advocates, law enforcement, prosecutors, sexual assault nurse examiners, and the crime laboratory.

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