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Sexual Assault Kit Initiative (SAKI) GranteeState of Kentucky

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Kentucky Office of the Attorney General

In FY2017, SAKI awarded the Kentucky Office of the Attorney General (KOAG) a $2,998,090 grant; the KOAG will use the money to investigate and prosecute cold case sexual assaults, offer services to victims throughout the criminal justice process, and establish an additional Kentucky State Police cold case unit.

In FY2019, SAKI awarded the KOAG an additional grant in the amount of $1.49 million. With this funding, the KOAG will hire another investigator dedicated to the Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) cold cases to ensure thorough follow-up on the results of all tested sexual assault kits (SAKs) belonging to LMPD. The KOAG will also use this funding to add a crime analyst to their team to review data returned from the Kentucky State Police (KSP) Crime Laboratory, provide analysis and investigative support, enter all criteria cases into the FBI Violent Criminal Apprehension Program, and coordinate with the Regional Information Sharing Systems (e.g., Regional Organized Crime Information Center®) and KSP to disseminate Combined DNA Index System hit packets to law enforcement agencies across the state.

Kentucky Justice and Public Safety Cabinet

In FY2020, the Kentucky Justice and Public Safety Cabinet (KY Justice Cabinet) received $1.5 million in SAKI funding to finalize testing of the last phase of the statewide inventory that includes all partially tested sexual assault kits (SAKs). The KY Justice Cabinet also plans to enhance the successful investigation and prosecution of cold case sexual assaults and sexually motivated homicides. Additionally, the funding will be utilized to collect data about cases associated with Combined DNA Index System and Violent Criminal Apprehension Program hits, increase the number of officers in jurisdictions with the majority of untested SAKs, and assign a specialized cold case prosecutor.

Find out more information about Kentucky's efforts to address previously unsubmitted SAKs.

For more information on the specific SAKI awards for this site, see the table below.

State of Kentucky Funding

Year Amount Purpose Area
Kentucky Office of the Attorney General
FY2017 $2,998,090 Comprehensive Approach to Unsubmitted Sexual Assault Kits
FY2019 $1,493,089 Comprehensive Approach to Unsubmitted Sexual Assault Kits
Kentucky Justice and Public Safety Cabinet
FY2020 $1,500,000 Comprehensive Approach to Unsubmitted Sexual Assault Kits

News and Events

An evaluation of Kentucky’s sexual assault investigator training: results from a randomized three-group experiment
Journal of Experimental Criminology, Dec 10, 2019
This study evaluated a 40-h statewide sexual assault investigations training program implemented in Kentucky in 2017. The study examined short- and long-term effects of training on police officers’ self-reported rape myth acceptance, knowledge of state laws, and knowledge of trauma-informed practices.

New DNA evidence helps lead to arrest of Louisville man in 29-year-old rape case
Billy Kobin, Courier Journal, Dec 7, 2019
A 70-year-old Louisville man was arrested Saturday thanks to DNA testing of a rape kit from an alleged sexual assault that took place 29 years ago to the day, according to police.

Man sentenced 20 years in 1981 Fayette County rape case
WKYT News, WKYT, Sep 30, 2019
A man was sentenced 20 years after being convicted of a rape that happened in 1981 as a result of Kentucky's SAFE Kit Backlog Program.

As 1 of 2 states with all rape kits tested, Kentucky is seeing results
Lauren Adams, WLKY, Jun 28, 2019
Kentucky is one of only two states in the US with no previously unsubmitted sexual assault kits remaining. So far, this testing has led to 10 indictments.

Kentucky man indicted again in backlogged sexual assault kit test case
WKYT Staff, WKYT, Jun 27, 2019
The Kentucky Attorney General's office announced a second indictment Thursday of a Hardin County man after testing of a backlogged Sexual Assault Forensic Evidence (SAFE) kit led to further investigation.

WTVQ Social, Jun 4, 2019
In July, the SAKI Cold Case Unit and the FBI will host two intensive trainings on ViCAP. The trainings are for detectives, homicide and sex crime investigators as well as cold case and missing persons units.

Elizabethtown man indicted in cold case rape thanks to backlog testing
Matthew Glowicki, Louisville Courier Journal, Apr 11, 2019
DNA from a previously unsubmitted sexual assault kit in which the offender was known and convicted of the crime, matched DNA from a separate previously unsubmitted sexual assault kit from 2011 leading to more charges being pressed against the offender and justice for the 2011 victim.

New bill would allow rape victims to track assault kits online
Makayla Ballman, Wave 3 News, Feb 5, 2019
A new bill proposed in 2019 legislative session would allow victims of sexual assault to track their sexual assault kits through the testing process in Kentucky.

I-Team: University of Louisville professor tracing origins of rape kit backlog, looking for solution
Hilary Lake, WCPO Cincinnati, Oct 16, 2018
Kentucky is using research to better understand the factor's that created a backlog of 3,400 sexual assault kits in order to prevent it from happening again.

Rape kit testing leads to arrest of a Louisville man in 2005 youth case
Matthew Glowicki, Louisville Courier Journal, Aug 30, 2018
The testing of sexual assault kits in Kentucky has linked a Louisville man already on the lifetime sex offender registry to the 2005 rape of a minor.

DNA Cracks 1993 Rape Cold Case
LEX 18, Aug 9, 2018
DNA testing of unsubmitted sexual assault kits has linked a Lexington, KY man to a 1993 sexual assault.

The SAKI TTA Team, in collaboration with the Kentucky State Attorney General's Office, hosted the 2018 Statewide Sexual Assault Reform in SAKI workshop bringing together approximately 20 statewide jurisdictions addressing sexual assault response reform.

How rape kits in Kentucky are processed
Louisville Courier Journal, Jul 18, 2018
View this video to learn more about how rape kits are processed in Kentucky.

Man indicted in Louisville rape case from 1983 thanks to DNA testing
Matthew Glowicki, Louisville Courier Journal, Jul 18, 2018
A Kentucky man already serving a 200-year prison sentence for rape has been linked through DNA testing to a 1983 rape.

Efforts to clear Kentucky's rape kit backlog appear to be working
Mark Vanderhoff, WLKY, Jun 12, 2018
A draft report from Kentucky's research partner, the University of Louisville, finds law enforcement agencies in the state are submitting more evidence from sexual assault kits than previous years.

Renewed push to test rape kit DNA in Kentucky leads to two indictments
WYMT News Staff, KY, Apr 27, 2018
After an audit several years ago revealed more than 3,000 unsubmitted SAKs, the Kentucky Attorney General’s Office is making a renewed push to solve these cold cases. All 3,300 SAKs have now been tested and have led to two indictments so far.

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