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SAKI awarded the Mobile Police Department a grant in the amount of $828,203, which it will use to inventory, process, and test 1,793 unsubmitted sexual assault kits (SAKs). The department will also use the funds to implement a comprehensive sexual assault response reform program, create a working group, and designate a site coordinator.

Learn more about the Mobile Police Department's Promise Initiative for Survivors of Sexual Assault. The Promise Initiative hotline ((251) 431-5100 Ext. 226) is available for anyone who would like more information or thinks they may have an untested sexual assault kit at the Mobile Police Department.

Funded in 2015, the Mobile Police Department has used SAKI funding to achieve several goals and milestones:

  • The Mobile Police Department has submitted 718 SAKs to ADFS for testing as of January 2018. Of the 718 kits submitted
    • 437 have returned from the laboratory
    • 90 cases have offender CODIS Hits
  • Mobile Police Department has created a Special Crimes Unit housed at the Rape Crisis Center for the investigators to work more efficiently on SAKI in shared space with advocates and Mobile has begun the process of starting a family justice center at that location.
  • Extensive training for MDT members has been conducted SAKI TTA team. New and existing staff will receive ongoing training.

More recently, SAKI awarded the Mobile Police Department additional funding with a $1.9-million grant. The additional funds will be used to create a Special Victims Unit and Family Justice Center. The funding will also support training in relation to sexual assault evidence collection, DNA technology, victimization and trauma response, and other related topics to improve the quality and outcomes of sexual assault investigations and prosecutions.

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To learn more about their progress, read below for other news and events out of Mobile Police Department (Alabama).

News and Events

Mobile initiative to punish sexual assault wins $2 Million in new grants
Lawrence Specker, Sep 26, 2018
Thanks to their multiple SAKI grants from the Bureau of Justice Assistance, the, Mobile Police Department has been able to work through their previously submitted sexual assault kit sand create a multi-disciplinary team consisting of investigators, prosecutors, victim advocates, and academic experts. The 2018 grant funding will be used to sustain investigative positions and add positions for victim advocates and data analysts.

Cold case rape arrest a milestone for Mobile task force
Lawrence Specker,, Apr 13, 2018
The Mobile Police Department made an arrest in a 1998 case after the sexual assault kit received modern DNA testing. In 2015, the Mobile Police Department received BJA SAKI funding to inventory and test its previously unsubmitted SAKs. In 2016, the Mobile Police Department received another SAKI grant to renovate its evidence storage room. With SAKI funding received in 2017, the Mobile Police Department will build a special victims unit.

Mobile Police Department awarded another $1.9 million in SAKI grants to test rape kits
Keith Lane,, Oct 6, 2017
The Mobile Police Department (MPD) received another $1.9 million in funding from the Bureau of Justice Assistance’s National Sexual Assault Kit Initiative (SAKI). This is the third year that MPD has received SAKI funding.

Mobile Police Department Solves 2 decades old cold case of sexual assault of minor
Jared Boyd,, Apr 13, 2016
A Wilmer man was sentenced to two life sentences of imprisonment after a DNA hit from testing backlogged rape kits matched with a 2 decade-old cold rape case. To learn more about the strides Mobile is making toward ending the backlog of rape kits, read the full article

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