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SAKI awarded the Montana Department of Justice (DOJ) a grant in the amount of $2 million, which it will use to inventory, track, and test SAKs. The department will also use the grant to fund research into determining why the SAKs were not tested, establish policies and procedures to prevent a future backlog, and designate a law enforcement training coordinator.

In 2017, SAKI awarded the Montana DOJ more than $900,000 in additional funding that will extend through 2020. The additional funding will go toward hiring a training coordinator, victim advocate, and a cold case investigator to support the Montana DOJ's SAKI efforts.

Learn more about Montana's efforts at: Montana SAKI Project.

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News and Events

Initiative cuts down number of untested sexual assault kits
Marian Davidson, NBC Montana, Nov 21, 2018
Less than 70 previously unsubmitted sexual assault kits of the 1,252 inventoried in 2016, remain in Montana.

Montana DOJ Announces the Launch of a New Website and Hotline for Sexual Assault Survivors
Montana Department of Justice, Jun 19, 2018
The Montana DOJ launched a new website where survivors of sexual assault can locate resources and get updates about Montana's Sexual Assault Kit Initiative.

Montana: Sexual Assault Kit Initiative Task Force is making progress
Lindsey Ford, MTN News, Mar 21, 2018
The Montana Sexual Assault Kit Initiative Task Force is discussing ways to better help sexual assault survivors and address previously unsubmitted sexual assault kits.

Montana received a grant and new guidelines to process rape kits more effectively
Kaitlin Miller,, Oct 30, 2017
After receiving grant funding, Montana is revising their sexual assault kit by removing unnecessary items and simplifying the process of collecting evidence.

Montana receives $900K to continue Sexual Assault Kit Initiative
Jonathon Ambarian, MTN News, Oct 6, 2017
Montana received more than $900,000 in funding from the Bureau of Justice Assistance’s National Sexual Assault Kit Initiative. The money will be used to help fund a training coordinator, a victim advocate and a cold case investigator.

Montana will standardize collection, testing of sexual assault kits
Holly K Michels, Billings Gazette, Apr 3, 2017
The Montana Department of Justice is developing a tracking system for the estimated 1,400 untested rape kits that have been stored in evidence rooms around the state. The state plans to enter all rape kits into the system and continue to add them going forward. The state will evaluate why testing of these kits did not occur in the first place. The department is also hiring a victim advocate to begin outreach efforts to those who have untested kits. Read the full story to learn about Montana's testing and training plans.

First batch of untested rape kits from around the state could be tested mid-2017
Holly Michels, Billings Gazette, Nov 20, 2016
Montana expects to submit a batch of 1,400 untested sexual assault kit for testing as early as spring 2017. A unique challenge in Montana, as well as other states with American Indian tribal reservations, is involving the tribes in the SAK testing and submission process. To learn more about Montana’s efforts, read the full article.

Justice for survivors of sexual assault in Montana
Tim Fox, Independent Record, Oct 11, 2016
Montana has received nearly $3 million in federal funding to inventory and submit backlogged for processing. Currently, there are approximately 1,400 SAKS stored in Montana law enforcement evidence lockers dating back to 1995. The grant will allow law enforcement to test all SAKs and develop a tracking system so victims and agencies can follow the inventorying, testing, and investigation process. To learn more about the work being done to combat sexual assault in Montana, read the full article.

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