The SAKI TTA program is providing a webinar series to provide guidance on SAK-related issues including inventory, testing, and tracking of SAKs; training to increase effectiveness in addressing the complex issues associated with unsubmitted SAKs; and providing guidance regarding multidisciplinary coordination, investigation, prosecution, and victim advocacy engagement regarding unsubmitted SAKs.

See the list below for our upcoming webinars and for links to view our archived webinars.

Upcoming Webinars

Enhancing Conviction Integrity through Forensics Webinar - Advancing Justice With DNA Technologies
Patricia D. Powers, Attorney Advisor with AEquitas & Misty Marra Williamson, DNA Analyst and DNA Laboratory Coordinator, Marshall University
Jul 28, 2021, 2:00 - 3:30 PM ET

Meet the SAKI Experts Interview Series

Meet the SAKI Experts - Erin Earp
Erin Earp - RAINN
Mar 24, 2021
Meet the SAKI Experts - Dr. Linda Ledray
Dr. Linda Ledray, Founder of the SANE-SART Resource Service
Oct 20, 2020
Meet the SAKI Experts - Amy Jeanguenat
Amy Jeanguenat from Mindgen LLC
May 27, 2020
Meet the SAKI Experts - AEquitas
Patricia Powers and Jonathan Kurland from AEquitas
May 12, 2020
Meet the SAKI Experts - Michigan State University
Dr. Rebecca Campbell from Michigan State University
May 6, 2020
Meet the SAKI Experts - Project: Cold Case
Ryan Backmann from Project: Cold Case
Apr 6, 2020
Meet the SAKI Experts - International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP)
Amy Durall from IACP
Mar 30, 2020

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