The SAKI TTA program is providing a webinar series to provide guidance on SAK-related issues including inventory, testing, and tracking of SAKs; training to increase effectiveness in addressing the complex issues associated with unsubmitted SAKs; and providing guidance regarding multidisciplinary coordination, investigation, prosecution, and victim advocacy engagement regarding unsubmitted SAKs.

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A State Census of Unsubmitted Sexual Assault Kits: Comparing Outcomes by Geography and Population Density
Rebecca Campbell, Ph.D., Michigan State University
Jan 27, 2021
Sexual Assault Serial Offender Research
Rachel Lovell, Ph.D. and Misty Luminais, Ph.D.
Oct 31, 2017
Kansas SAKI Research: Testing Priorities & CODIS Follow-up
Megan Roberts, Program Consultant, Kansas Bureau of Investigation
Sep 26, 2017
SAK Research: Broadening Our Research Scope
Dr. Julie Valentine, Assistant Professor at Brigham Young University College of Nursing
May 10, 2017
Research in SAKI -The Cuyahoga County Experience
Dr. Rachel Lovell, Case Western University; Brett Kyker, Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's Office
Nov 10, 2016
Research Basics in SAKI: Developing Researcher-Practitioner Relationships
Dr. Rebecca Campbell, Michigan State University
Aug 30, 2016

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